Bmax Technology, an Elmec Group division, is specialized in the production of pellet and biomass burners, for heating and other applications, in order to substitute traditional fossil fuel burners.

Bmax Technology designs and builds its products completely in Italy and assembles them internally, thus reducing production costs, and of course, the final price to the distributor and customers.

The ownership and control of the entire productive system, together with the specific know-how, accumulated in the past 25 years of the Group’s experience, ensure processes and products with uncompromising quality standards and a quality/price ratio which is extremely competitive.

The choice to invest in renewable energy using biomasses arises from various considerations:

Reduced environmental impact

Exploiting biomasses for energy purposes may assume a strategic role, contributing to a sustainable and balanced development of the planet since the heat produced is atmosphere-friendly when the quantity of carbon dioxide released during the conversion of the biomass into energy is equal to the quantity of the carbon dioxide absorbed during the growth of the biomass itself.


Biomass heating is convenient and extremely inexpensive, with sizeable money-savings compared the use of fossil fuels.

Economic and occupational effects

A large use may entail notable, positive economic, environmental and occupational effects, creating incentives to maintain woods through the development of residual areas dedicated to agro-forestry as well as creating new development opportunities for marginal areas and a reduction of agricultural surplus, substituting traditional cultivation with “energy cultivations” dedicated to the use of processing residues of agricultural products.