Low-power burner, designed for civilian buildings.
It is equipped with a screw pump for loading.

Exclusive characteristics

  • fully automatic
  • reliable turning on and off, thanks to safety sensors
  • self-cleaning system
  • made with high quality materials, including high temperature resistant steel
  • electronic self regulation based on the fuel used

What can be used?

  • sawdust PELLETS measuring from 6 to 12 mm
  • olive, cherry, plum and apricot STONES
  • Pine nut, pistachio and dried fruit SHELLS

Cleaning system

Bmax Technology burners have an innovative self-cleaning system which works on regular intervals: with this system the fuel grid is periodically freed from possible residue that could impede correct combustion or that could provoke the suffocation of the flame. In this way, the possibility of the burner turning off and the consequent dispersion of fumes are avoided.

Loading system

Bmax Technology burners are equipped with automatic loading system.

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